Monday, November 3, 2008

Gotcha Day

Today was the day. I'm gonna keep it short today and try to update tomorrow. It's a fluke that I have an internet connection.
Prasun is too sweet and too cute.
He is very confused and shell shocked by all the changes right now. I've gotten him to sleep right now for the night. I'll write more later. I can barely stay awake.
Well blogger is being crazy and won't post pictures. I'll try later.


Peter and Nancy said...

No pressure on the photos -- we know there will be plenty of those to come! :o) I'll be praying for him to feel safe and secure with you, and for your stamina. So, so happy you're finally with him!

Julie & Patrick said...

No worries on the photos, just relieved that he is with you...finally!!! Would love to hear all about your union when you can. You are probably having the best sleep right now.

Julie R

ColleenC said...

Yay for Prasun Day!

Pam said...

Ok....I WANT PICTURES!!! ;) Pressure, yes, from me. Ha-ha! Kidding, mostly. I'm dying to hear all about it!
Finally your boy is with you though! YAYAY!

Joy P. said...

Amanda, I'm so thrilled for you and am also praying for both you and Prasun as you get to know one another. Can't wait to meet him!!! You go, girl. I'm so proud of you! -- Joy

Anita said...

Praise God Amanda!!!!! I have been praying for you and for Prasuns adjustment all day. I'm so thrilled he is in your arms!!

The Labontes said...

Just knowing he is with his Momma is just amazing. Hoping he and you are able to sleep through the night.

Sheri said...

Congrats! I am so happy that you finally have Prasun!

Lynda said...

Saw you on Kristy's blog holding Prasun. What a beautiful thing!



Karen said...

Amanda, I am just thrilled for you!! After all this time, the big day finally came! I am so happy for you, for Prasun, for the whole family. Hope the rest of your trip is great.

Such a Big Boy!!

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