Thursday, May 15, 2008

Change of Plans :o( (But I've been shopping)

I want to have shirts for all the kids screenprinted that say that. I love it.

I haven't posted much lately. I hate waiting and since we are getting down to the line, I hate it even more. I just want my baby. The orphanage (ISRC) has to renew their license every 3 years and now they are in the process of doing that. Well they have been in the process for awhile. Now CARA and THE JUDGE (remember the one who irritated me on a daily basis back in 2006) isn't signing ISRC cases until the license is in his hands. CRAP!!!!
I know the license will get renewed, just not in my time. I learned before that the adoption happens in God's time, not mine. I just have to be patient. That isn't my strong suit.
Oh well. I still have time to put the crib together (after I get rid of the bed in the room) and work a little more overtime.
We are taking Ananya and Anthony to Arkansas in a couple of weeks to meet with some family. It'll be nice to get away from home for awhile. We will enjoy the family time.
Hopefully I'll have something to post soon about travel. We should get new pictures in a few weeks. The only ones I really need are the ones with me in them. PATIENCE!!

Such a Big Boy!!

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