Thursday, November 27, 2008

Our Lives

Sorry to have been gone so long guys. Life has been beyond crazy, keeping up with therapy schedules for Ananya. Prasun has had his doctors appointment. Ananya had botox done. Then we went to PA to visit family. I’m just happy to have a week to relax. I don’t have to go anywhere. I get to just spend time with the kids. We even left homeschool books in NC. We are doing a fieldtrip on Saturday. Friday Anthony is going out with his Pap-paw for awhile. That may count as a school day too, depending on what they do.

We are getting to know Prasun’s personality. He is an interesting little boy. He is still eating everything in sight. EVERYTHING!!! He is really grouchy if he doesn’t get his food quickly. I’m trying to help him calm down alittle. I’m also usually pretty prepared and have his food ready before he gets in his chair. We are also learning that this boy needs his beauty rest. He is a bear when he gets sleepy. Night time is not his best time. It has been a struggle to ensure he gets his nap with our crazy schedule. I just have to try to plant around the nap.

We have discovered that he likes most things to eat. He doesn’t like bread, prunes or salty snacks. He likes baths. He splashes so much. He is playing with an empty coffee can at the moment. He is perfectly happy. 3 minutes ago he was laying in the floor crying. No reason really. Just being Prasun. We thought that Ananya was a drama queen. Now we have been taught what a drama queen (king) is.

Prasun likes to feed himself. He does a very good job. Sometimes I can just give him his food and actually eat my food. He likes to talk. He repeats just about everything that we say. This week in PA he has picked up “I love you” and “all done”. My personal favorite is when he says “Mommy”. The funniest thing was the day he said “baby”. Only it came out “BAAABY”. It sounded so southern. He also has started pulling himself up on the furniture. He does really well. I’m so proud of the progress he is making.

Ananya and Prasun are getting along very well. When Prasun throws a fit, Ananya will stop and stare at him. They like to hold hands and sing. It really is just the cutest thing. Prasun likes to crawl through the house saying “Ananya”. Ananya just laughs. You would think it was the funniest joke. One day, we turned around and Ananya was laying on her back and Prasun had his hand and was pulling her through the house. I’ve found him crawling on the bottom shelf of the end tables.

All of the kids are getting along well. Anthony likes having a brother and sister. He is still bonding with Prasun. He dolls over Ananya still. I know that in the next few months, they will get closer. He is a great helper for me when we have things to do. He likes to push the stroller. He opens doors for me. The 2 babies get along well. They don’t fight very much. No one has been struck in the head with any toys. I’m impressed. Prasun is a fighter when he has a toy that he likes. Ananya can’t take it from him. He gets loud and will hit. We have to watch because he bites. He has bit Patrick 2 times.

Ananya’s botox appointment went well. We were out of the hospital in less than 2 hours. She did well the rest of the day.

We got haircuts a week and a half ago. Ananya got her first haircut since coming home. We just got the ends cut off. Prasun just got his cut all over. It wasn’t quite the nightmare that I expected. Prasun didn’t hold still. I pretty much held him down. I got my hair cut off too. I was so sick of my hair being a handle.

We got lucky and got to have dinner with another Dillon family since soming to PA. Peter and Melissa were nice enough to have us for dinner on Sunday. It was very nice to get all the kids together to play. Ananya and Prasun enjoyed exploring their home. Their daughters are just gorgeous. I’ll post the pictures when I get home. We got some good pictures.

I wish I had taken more pictures since we got home. I’ve tried to get the camera out. I just don’t seem to have time. I’m trying to keep up with the house and laundry, homeschooling and therapy, and not forget any doctors appointments. Its proving to be a challenge. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it soon.

I’ll add more pictures when I get home. I’ll try to get a couple on my phone that I can download on to the computer.

I’ve been thinking a lot of my trip lately. I’m missing India. It was gorgeous. I can’t wait to go back. I’m hoping my next trip is to do mission work.

Well everyone have a Happy Turkey Day. I’m very thankful for all of my wonderful children, my friends and my family. Without them, I’m not sure I could have gotten through either of our adoption processes.


The Labontes said...

Wow! What a busy mom. It is so good to hear that the kiddos are bonding and getting along well. They look so cute together. Can't wait to see the pics of your dinner with Melissa's family.

Peter and Nancy said...

Thanks for the update! I think 3 kids is a LOT more that two -- our laundry is never caught up since Anya Rashi came home. :o) Add in all your doctor visits, and yipes! You sound like you're doing so well.
-- Nancy

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