Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Picture

Without futher ado, our sleeping beauty. Yes he's wearing pink. If you have anything to say about it, think twice. I think he is so adorable. He's getting so big.
We are still trying to finalize Ananya's adoption so we can submit all the paperwork for Prasun. We have our app 1 approved so now we will start working on app 2 when it arrives. YEAH!! Our adoption coordinator with Dillon is traveling to India next week. She is meeting with CARA and is going to approach them about our adopting Prasun. She asked me to write a letter explaining why we are a good family for him. Anyone have any ideas about how to write a letter asking someone to give you a child?

Sunday, July 15, 2007


It stinks. I just want to go to India and say "We want to raise this little boy. We raise him to be a great man. Willing to give back to the world. Here are our 2 children. I think we are doing pretty good. Can I please take him home to his room?" Of course, I know its not that easy. We have to wait. I think that I have a better balance of the whole enjoy my children and morn missed days with others.
Our agency representative is going to pick up her daughter soon. She is going to try and see if she can present our case and get an idea whether CARA will approve it. I'm praying.
Good morning little boy. You have a Momma and Daddy praying for you. Have a great day. We will try to be there as soon as possible.
Love, Mommy

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

New Pictures

This picture was taken in May. He is just too cute.

This picture was taken in January. That is Ananya in the bottom. These 2 were cribmates, and hopefully they will become roommates.
This is my favorite picture. The day I met Prasun. He stole my heart.

Just A Little Something

Today, I filled out the part 1 application for our adoption agency. This will allow them to mail us the formal application. We have a little over a month until we can have our final post-placement visit for Ananya. Hopefully we can get an early court date to get finalized. Then, maybe within just weeks we can attempt to get all the information completed to get Prasun's paperwork to India. Everything is standing in the way of this adoption. I'm too young, the kids are too close in age, we don't have the money right now. We don't care. God impressed on Patrick and I that this is our son and we are going to put our hearts out there. Much better to deal with heart-break if it is not meant to be than spending a lifetime wondering "What If?" I'm so excited to start this journey. I just hope we get finished with Ananya's adoption very soon.

Such a Big Boy!!

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