Friday, October 31, 2008

My Trip

Well apparently I'm not the world's best blogger this trip. Guess I should catch everyone up.
Well I left home on Tuesday morning. I had an ok flight Charlotte to Chicago. I got really sick though. I don't do little planes. I didn't take Dramamine before I left though. Not my smartest moment. I got to Chicago in one piece with all my stomach contents still on the inside. I had a 5 hour layover. I just kind of wandered around. It didn't seem that long. After my flight finally showed up on the departure board, I went to my gate. I wandered around some more, then settled in to get ready to board in an hour or so. I wasn't really looking forward to the long flight. I took my vitamins and my Dramamine and some melatonin. I got on the plane and was quickly falling asleep. I learned I was sitting next to 2 nurses from the US going to India for 2 weeks to work in a hospital in Chennai. I was jealous. Going through immigration, I met a woman adopting from Nepal. They are staying 3 weeks. I had a food flight, didn't get sick or anything.
Once in India, I glued myself to the nurses I was sitting next to. When it was time to look for my driver, I just acted like I belong here and had done this a million times. I couldn't find the hotel driver so I went to the Avis stand and got a prepaid taxi. The driver was super sweet. He was telling me about his family. He made sure I knew the number for the police (which I promptly forgot). He got me safely to the hotel. I quickly got checked in and found which room Kristi and Jason were in. Once in my room, I called Kristi and they came to me. I was so happy to finally meet Kristi. Its so scary how it feels to meet someone that you have talked to for so long. Kristi and I have been friends for like 3 years. We finally got to meet in person. She is an absolute hoot.
My hotel is gorgeous. My bed is so comfy. I love the shower. It has a square bathtub and then a shower stall. The only thing is the mirrors. There is a mirror at the end of the bathtub, another mirror over the toilet, and then a wall of mirrors next to the bed. The mirror next to the bed freaks me out. I surprise myself every once in a while.
Thursday we went to the Embassy after breakfast. Again I say, Kristi and Jason are a hoot. We laughed all day. Kristi said they got attacked by "flying malaria" on Wednesday. She kept getting paranoid that they weren't sending us to the right places at the Embassy because the process is different. Jason and I kept telling her it was ok, to just calm down. 2 hours and we were completely done. I didn't have any problems because of Prasun's passport. The man was just like "ok".
We spent all day yesterday wandering around Delhi. I got some shopping done. I got some clothes for Prasun. Got them at a good price too. I found a couple of gifts. It was a good day. We ate a good restaurant called O! Calcutta!. Me, Jason, and Kuldeep had the buffet. It was so good. Me and Jason killed the tandoori chicken. It was so good. We found a Barista and got some Iced Mochas. We went to dinner with Kuldeep and his family on Thursday night. He picked an awesome restraunt. The name is over on Kristi's blog.
I spent all day Friday sleeping. I mean ALL DAY. I got up for breakfast then laid down for a nap. I decided to get up about 10pm. Really. I loved it. I didn't even eat again all day. I just slept.
I'm sorry my posting has been so sparse. My internet service was horrible. I'll try to do better now.


The Labontes said...

Glad you enjoyed Kristi, Jason, and some good r+r!

Candice said...

Just glad you arrived safely! Hope you feel rested and ready to go when you finally get to hold your son again! What an awesome day for you! Can't wait to read all about it. :)

CandiceS (waiting on NOC for Utsab)

Sheri said...

I am so glad you arrived safely! I am so proud of you! Way to go!
Can't wait to see you holding Prasun!

Pam said...

Can't wait to see Prasun in your arms girl. You had me worried. I figured we would have to read about it on Kristi's blog. ;)

angie said...

I loved reading your post! So glad you made it there safely. You are brave to travel there alone - glad you could meet up with the Kristi! We'll be following your journey!


Anita said...

I'm holding my breathe till Prasuns in your arms!!!! I can't wait till the ticker runs out--lol!!! And if you think about it will you kiss baby "A" for me and tell her mommy I can't wait till she is in her arms too!!!

Peter and Nancy said...

Thanks for the trip re-cap -- we're all living vicariously through you, ya know! I'm glad you've had some fun, some great food, and most of all some rest before meeting Prasun. Can't wait for the big day!

Julie & Patrick said...

Glad the the trip is going along as planned. How exciting that you are actually there.

Julie R

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