Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Gotcha Day Recap

Scroll down as I've added pics to other posts because Jason found a guy that rocks and fixed the computers.

OK so the internet isn’t working and I’m guessing the easiest way to do this is just journal and post as I can.

Yesterday was Gotcha Day. Kristi tried to call Ms. Roy before we went to breakfast but she wasn’t coming in until 11am. We went down to sample the breakfast here. Nothing can compare to the breakfast at the Hyatt. No more fresh squeezed juice, no coconut somosas, even the mousseli isn’t the same. They have cold mousseli here. Its kind of like cornflakes in yogurt. Its good.

After breakfast, Kristi called Ms. Roy again. This time she was able to talk to her. She was negogiating for the earliest time. Kristi is so funny. She makes me look patient. She kept saying “I just want my stinkin’ baby.” Jason arranged for a car and we were waiting anxiously for 11:15 to get here. In the meantime we tried to fix the internet connection. As you can see that was a raving success (NOT!!!).

When 11:15 finally rolled around, we loaded our stuff outside to get in the car. Guess what? Lots of stuff, little car. We managed to cram everything in there. Our driver didn’t speak english, at all. The hotel staff explained to him where we were going. We had to stop and change some money on the way. Of course the driver had to stop for directions 3 times before we finally got to the orphanage.

It was just the way I remember it. We walked up the stairs and Ms. Roy greeted us. She ushered us into the office to start going through the paperwork. She took care of Jason and Kristi first. We learned that we had a Consulate appointment at 2:00 so we didn’t have much time. As we went over Prasun’s paperwork, Kristi started snapping all the pictures. Ms. Roy informed me that Prasun was at the other building still and they were going to have us drop by and get him. I went into the other room and started admiring all the babies. I couldn’t resist picking some of them up. I can’t even imagine leaving the orphanage with one of the little ones. The next thing I knew, Ms. Roy told me Prasun was here. I grabbed Kristi and was like “you have to come with me now.”

I walked back into the reception area. My boy was sitting in the chair. My first thought was that he was so big. He is tall and filled out well. I couldn’t even believe it. I went over and kneeled down in front of him. He was scared. Ms. Roy kept telling me that he talks and he stands and he developed so much. I can vouch for the developing part. He has made huge gains in the last 18 months.

He would smile and then he would look sad. He would smile for the camera though. He is such a ham. We quickly were ushered out the door to make it to the Consulate on time.

We got there only like 5 minutes late. Not too bad. We went in and went into an office. Waited a few minutes and got sent to another office. Then we were called to the window. The agent had a form filled out by Ms. Roy already and I just had to sign it. We paid the fee, and were told that the packet would be read in a few minutes. The funniest thing about all this was that everywhere we go, people assume I’m married to Jason. I don’t know if they completely think through me and Kristi both being there. Anyways, the visa packets were both done in like 10 minutes. We were ready to go back to the hotel.

On the way back, our driver just about started a fight and caused a wreck because the person in front of us wasn’t moving as the driver thought he should. We luckily made it back to the hotel safe and in one piece.

I went to the room with Prasun. We were trying to figure each other out. I got out some cookies and ensure for him. Of course I managed to spill the ensure on him. He liked the cookies. He took one and started nibbling on it. I was just amazed. He is so different from Ananya. She’s loud and he’s quiet. She’s loud and he’s shy. She just expects food to land in her mouth and he will put it there himself. Yeah!!! It was so cute to watch him eat the cookies. After a couple I decided it was definitely nap time. After multiple tries, I figured out that I could rock him. He had cried for maybe 2 minutes but nothing big. He wants to cry so bad and just doesn’t. Its really sad. He slept for about and hour and a half. We cuddled alittle. I can tell he just cuddles because he isn’t sure what to do. He still had the sad look on his face. I sang him a few songs (poor baby) and realized that he likes “I’m picking up a baby bumble bee” the best. He will usually laugh alittle. I got him dressed for dinner. He wasn’ quite sure what to think of that.

I went next door to see if Kristi was still ok with going to dinner. After alittle debate, we ended up going. We were very glad that we did. We met 2 ladies from Sweden who had both adopted before. They were picking up the baby on Tuesday. It was a very good dinner. Prasun drank alittle water and I learned a lesson. He doesn’t like cold water. I found a small bottle of water in my purse and he was happy. I tried to give him a bite of rice and he gave me the strangest look. I tried a couple more bites but he refused so I let him. Afterwards it took us a few tries to get a cab back to the hotel. I went to Jason and Kristi’s room for a little bit. Prasun and Shaili were playing well with us. Prasun was enjoying playing with a ball. He liked to throw it. He is pretty good. He nailed me in the forehead with it once. He stood up for me. He stands really well. But then… Out of nowhere… the tears started. I rather quickly excused myself so as not to upset Shaili and went back to our room. Prasun calmed down. The inernet randomly started working. I called Patrick and Prasun started again. Luckily the internet connection died. I tried to feed Prasun some oatmeal. He didn’t like that. He didn’t want anything. I finally just concentrated on getting him to sleep. It took a couple tries and a few minutes of him crying but I got him to sleep.


Candice said...

What a day of mixed emotion! I am so happy that you are there and can now rock your little boy. You are in all our thoughts here. Hug, Hug, Hug. :)

Candice (waiting on NOC for Utsab)

Peter and Nancy said...

The hardest part for me was seeing how shell-shocked Anya Rashi was, especially on the first day. Your consistency and patience will show him that you're a safe person . . . You're doing a great job taking your cues from him -- way to go, mama!
-- Nancy

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