Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well today is the day we are headed home. We are going to run to the orphanage real quick and snap some more pictures before we leave. My flight for Delhi leaves at 5:30pm and then we leave Delhi for the US at 12:55am. I'm hoping because it is so late Prasun will be able to sleep. I don't think it should be too bad.
I'm anxious to get home but would love alitle extra time with the other families. Luckily Joy is right down the road at home.
Well I'm going to finish packing.


The Labontes said...

I can't wait to see Prasun, Anthony, and Ananya all together. I hope the flight home goes smoothly.

Stephanie H. said...

Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job with Prasun and I know with your love and a little time he will be smiling:)
Have a safe trip home,

stephanie h.

Karen said...

It's been so exciting to read about your journey. I am thrilled for you to finally have Prasun. Have a safe trip back - we'll be thinking of you!

Rachel said...

Your son is beautiful. I'm so glad he is finally with you! Congratulations!

~from another Dillon mom, waiting for my 17 month old daughter who has Down syndrome

Vickie said...

You have a Huge Heart, Prasun and Ananya are very fortunate children, to have someone to Love and Care for them as you have, I wish you and your Family a Lifetime of Happiness. Enjoy your New Son..
Friend of your Dad,
Vickie Burdick

Such a Big Boy!!

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