Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November 4th... The Day After

Don't forget to scroll down. There are pics in old posts.

It was an interesting night. We had our first parent/child experience. Prasun threw up on me. He woke up and started fussing a little. I got him on to my chest. Then he started retching some. I of course didn’t catch on quick enough. I got puked on. It was really sad to see him not feeling good. He did it again at about 6:00 this morning. I was alittle quicker this time though.

I think that this is just his coping mechanism. I don’t think he is making himself throw up. I think he is so stressed that it is just happening. I’m sure it will pass with time. I just have to make sure to pack up both some extra clothes for the trip home.

I got us ready for breakfast and we went down alone. Shaili was still asleep. Prasun is completely withdrawn today. Its hard for me to watch. I just hold him tight let him know I’m here. At breakfast, he wouldn’t eat anything. I even tried chocolate pancakes that he could feed himself. He wasn’t having any of that. I did get him to drink a couple ounces of water and about 4 ounces of orange juice. He does really well with a cup. I managed to not spill most of it down the front of him. One of the waiters came up and put his arm on Prasun. He informed me that he had a fever. I feel bad because I couldn’t tell. I can never tell with Ananya either though. Afer breakfast, I came back to the room and gave him some tylenol. He quickly went to sleep. He is still napping beside me. Anytime he wakes up, I hold him and let him know that mommy is here to stay.

He is still very sad and withdrawn. I’m having a bit of a hard time with all of this. I can’t do anything but hold on to him. I know that in a few days I’ll see the change. He will start to cling to me more. He will start to come out. In a few months, we get to see his true personality coming out for good. In a year or 2, I will barely remember this child that I’m holding and stressing over today. The whole process has been the repetition of 1 phrase. “I know the ending. It is good.” Today I’m clinging to that. Ananya didn’t mourn. She decided to cling to me and not let go. He is so different. He responds more like I do. He seems to want to sleep through all this. It hurts so he wants to sleep. I’m the same way. I understand. I know that today will ge better. Tomorrow might even be better.

Today I think Amisha is coming to the hotel. Her family is picking her up. They are transfering to our hotel. I’m so excited. I’m hoping that Amisha and Prasun can be a little more comfortable being together today. Well I’m going to hold my baby. I’ll try to update as I can.


Candice said...

Such a precious boy. I am with you in hoping that being able to play with some of the other children from his orphanage will help in his transition and make things a litte easier for him.

Candice (waiting on NOC for Utsab)

Anita said...

I'm sending up prayers for you and for Prasun! I can't imagine how going through this without someone there to help you is so praying for strength and that God sends people to help when you need it. Prasun is even more precious in the pictures you posted!!

The Labontes said...

He's gorgeous. I'm glad you know the end. It will all be worth it. He has his Mommy now. Forever.

Peter and Nancy said...

Anya Rashi threw up on me at Heathrow -- what a bummer to have to deal with sickness right away. It's good that he's not having any trouble sleeping. You are such an awesome mama! You're so understanding of what he's going through, and that he's a different child than your other two. It'll be neat to see him come out of his shell when he's feeling well.
Praying for both of you,

Such a Big Boy!!

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