Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well, this evening we kind of turned a corner I think. Prasun slept all morning. Pretty much the whole thing. He would get upset, I’d comfort him, and he would fall asleep. I just let him do it. I wasn’t worried.

He woke up from a nap in Kristi’s room and seemed ok. They were going out so I joined them. I did a diaper change and put him in the sling and was ready to go. We walked for a couple blocks to the Barista. I love the iced mochas. Its nice to have coffee with Kristi. We wanted to for so long. Anyways, back to the story. We walked. Checked out some shops along the way. Tried to dodge the street vendors, then the beggars. We were pretty successful. Prasun did well. He was looking around and smiling at Kristi, even smiling at me occassionally. He fell asleep before we got to the hotel.

Once we were back in the room, I put him on the bed. He wanted to sit and play with the book that Kristi gave him. I set him up and was doing something else. When I turned again (after a few seconds), he had gone from sitting to on his knees and he was crawling across the bed. The next thing I knew he picked up the remote and put it to his ear and said “HELLO”. I couldn’t even believe it. He made a few noises, but nothing like words. Not even bengali. He said Hello several times when I asked him to do it again. I got a video of it. I can’t get it loaded on blogger though. Big surprise.

We went down to dinner for a little bit. I was really intent on getting him to eat something. I didn’t see any great options. I grabbed a dessert. Well nothing was working so I tried the strawberry mousee. He wouldn’t let me hold the spoon. I helped him feed himself a few bites of dessert. Then he started playing and like 15 Indian people sat down next to us. I just felt uncomfortable because I didn’t think they would understand our situation. I wasn’t getting anymore food in him anyways. We came back to the room, and I figured it was time for a bath.

I think the bathtub scared the crap out of him. I tried to put him in. He just looked so scared and shocked that I just jumped in with him. He relaxed alittle more that way. Didn’t enjoy it but did relax some and splash alittle. I got him all fixed in his PJ’s. It was 9pm by then and I thought he was acting very tired so I put him to sleep. Let me rephrase that. I tried to put him to sleep. He decided to show his will. He was screaming and arching his back. I just kept doing my thing. It lasted at most 10 minutes and he was out. He has been sleeping for an hour. I’ve gotten my shower. I’ve got to get up in the morning and pack. We leave tomorrow afternoon. I’m sad to leave Kristi and Jason. They have been wonderful friends and so helpful to me. I’ve loved having time to meet and get to know Kristi. I’ll be glad to get home to my other 2 babies. I’ve missed them. And my bed and my home. Only 1 more day and I’ll be back. Can’t wait.


Shad and Maggie Alsworth said...

Oh, Amanda, I'm so glad that Prasun is bonding with his Mama!!! It's been a long time coming!! God bless you and wishing you safe travels home!!!


Amy said...

Congrats Amanda!!! Soo very happy to see Prasun with his mama. The transition is definitely difficult, but wonderful days are very soon to come. Our transition was hard too - the older ones are very different than the younger.
Can't wait to hear that you have Prasun at home with your entire family. Safe travels!!

Julie & Patrick said...

Sounds like you have a long road in front of you, but progress is being made all ready.

Travel safe. Thanks for sharing your journey. Can't wait to see your whole family together again!

Julie R

Peter and Nancy said...

It's so good that you have lots of patience and experience with Ananya already -- sounds like you're doing a fantastic job! I'll keep praying for your dear boy to know you're the new love of his life, and to feel safe and secure. :o)

Melissa & Brian said...

Amanda, it is so good to read all the posts! How wonderful to read of Prasun's smiles and the ways he's playing. I remember how hard it was to be with Morgan when she threw up, wouldn't eat, etc., and I'm glad for you that this is the second time around and that you can remind yourself the end is good. We are praying for you and so glad Prasun is finally in your arms!

Melissa W.

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