Thursday, October 23, 2008


I've been in a panic the last couple days. So much stuff to do and not enough days. I'm trying to cram in some extra time with the kids. I know that sounds crazy since I'm with them constantly. I'm going to miss my babies.
I've got several books to keep me busy until I get Prasun. I went to a rather small library but got some good ones. I'll add them to the side bar at some point. Maybe from India.
Heres a rundown of what I'm planning:
Leave Charlotte Tuesday at about noon.
6 hour layover in Chicago then fly to Delhi (nonstop)
Land at about 9pm.
I'll be staying at the Hyatt. I picked it because I'll be in Delhi by myself for a couple days. I planned it that way and am looking forward to the time. I may look into getting a private yoga lesson. That will be the highlight of my trip.
Sunday morning I leave for Kolkata (unfortunately my plane leaves at 7am).
I get to Kolkata and am staying at the Peerless. Kristi and Jason will be there later that night.
Monday is supposed to be the big day. I get to hold my baby.
We have to do some Embassy paperwork. Hopefully alittle sightseeing.
On Wednesday I leave to come home at like 530pm. I'll be in Delhi for about 5 hours. We leave to come home at 1255am. YIKES!!!!!!
I'll be in Chicago at 5am. (let me know your phone number and I'll let you know I landed safely) HEHE!!!
I have a 2 hour layover in Chicago. Then I get home at about 9:30am. YEAH!!!
Well I have a soccer game to go to. Then home to do more paperwork.


The Labontes said...

Phew. Quite an itinerary. I'll be counting the days until Monday. Love that first new pic where he looks pretty happy. That grin of his is so wonderful.

Amy said...

Wow.. GOOD LUCK to you!! You are a brave woman! :)) Can't wait to see you united with your son. He looks adorable - and so big!
Safe travels!

Such a Big Boy!!

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