Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Court Date

We have been assigned our first court date for September 11th. If youu don't remember from the first time around we had like 3 or 4 court dates before our case was heard so I'm not holding my breath.


Pam said...

Maybe this time will be different!! Keep your chin up! WE are praying!

The Labontes said...

I'll hold my breath for you!

Peter and Nancy said...

I LOVE the new photos of Prasun. I will pray for your court date, and that it is different this time around.
Hugs to you,

ColleenC said...

What a sweet sleepy boy! Hoping that the long, long wait will be over soon and he'll be able to sleep in your arms very soon (or at least close to you : )

Such a Big Boy!!

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