Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Another Picture

The wonderful thing about so many families traveling is that occasionally someone looks back and finds a picture of Prasun that they may have taken and not know it. I know when I got home I immediately got all the pictures developed. It still took me months to sort through and think of the other children I had pictures of. I wasn't very clear headed when we got home.
Well this morning I opened my email to a surprise. I got yet another picture of Prasun. Thanks to Julie and Karen, I got yet another look at my baby boy. And for my birthday!!!
Yes today I'm a day older. Last year has been great and I've changed alot. I can't wait to see what the next year brings. I think Prasun's lovely face in my inbox is a small glimpse.


Kristi said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! The big 27!

Wish I could celebrate with you. :) Maybe someday...


Peter and Nancy said...

Happy Birthday! It's good to hear that you're getting through the steps that will bring you to your dear son!
-- Nancy

Such a Big Boy!!

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