Friday, July 18, 2008

NOC and Referals

There is movement with Indian adoption. Not ours but others. There have been at least 3 referals and at least 1 NOC that I've heard of.
Congratulations for the families who have movement.
Now, Mr. Judge can we PLEASE get my boy home soon. His mommy misses him. We have plans.


Peter and Nancy said...

It's been an exciting week of activity -- and we're praying that you're next! I can't imagine being in your shoes and actually having held Prasun, THEN having to wait to hold him again. Your perseverance is amazing.
With love,

Kristi said...

I'm sending up prayers on your behalf. I can't wait for you to get to hold your baby again. It can't be too much longer. You are totally right about the was such torture for me many times while we waited for Miss Daya. I'm sure the dreaming about Shaili will start any day now that I know what she looks like.

Hang in there. It has to be soon for you!!!!!


Candice said...

We are waiting in anticipation with you. Hopefully you will receive your good news any day now. The beginning for your new family is near!


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