Monday, December 24, 2007

Trying to have a Merry Christmas

Today hasn't been great. I woke up at 3am and prayed that God would help me get our application together to mail today. I put the turkey in the oven at 5. Got up later because I knew I had to work tonight. Got to the Christmas party at Patrick's work and realized I forgot to wrap 2 of the gifts for the kids. Just wasn't feeling the spirit. Got home and got the application together FINALLY. Went to the post office. CLOSED. They closed at noon today. The UPS office wasn't open either. So I didn't get what I really wanted for Christmas. Then I remember, last year all I wanted was Ananya. She's here now. Prasun is smiling and looks very happy. All 3 of my children are healthy. We have lots of presents under the tree. It will be ok. Next year Prasun should be here. I'll forget all the hurt I feel today. He'll be happy and we'll all be a family.
I had to stop and count my blessings. There were plenty to count. First thing Wednesday I'll be at the post office to send the application off. I'll work like crazy to get the dossier done ASAP.
Have a Merry Christmas!


Pam said...

Hang in there Amanda. You'll have that cutie home soon! Merry Christmas friend.

The Labontes said...

You're in our thoughts. We can't wait to see Prasun, Ananya, and Anthony all together.


Nadra said...

I know exactly how you're feeling Amanda. We'll get through this. We'll have our sweet boys home with us very soon. I'll continue to pray for you!!

Such a Big Boy!!

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