Friday, December 14, 2007

He's up to it Again!

Another family has traveled to India to pick up their baby. I love family reunions. Well this family saw Prasun. They said "We also saw Prasun, who had a completely endearing (and quick) smile. He is a charming little man!" I love to hear those words. Only 1 couple saw Ananya while we were waiting and that was only a month before we left.
Keep up the good spirits baby boy. We love you.

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Peter and Nancy said...

Hi Amanda! I just found your blog through Jansen's . . . I was so moved to see Prasun, and wished there was a way I could've told him that you already love him, and that he has a whole family waiting for him! We are thrilled that you've found each other.
-- Nancy (mom to Aaron, Nathan, and home with Anya Rashi 4 weeks today!)

Such a Big Boy!!

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